Modern problems need modern solutions.

This is the philosophy that Rinesh Sharma, Founder of Smart Farms Fiji uses while designing his hydroponic agricultural systems.

With COVID 19 and climate change still a modern day problem, modern agriculture might just be the solution.

Rinesh Sharma is the founder of ‘Smart Farms Fiji’; an initiative that aims to provide a sustainable food production system by growing fruits and vegetables in a controlled environment all year round.

“If we stick to the old traditional methods with majority of the crops, you will not be able to deliver the same quality because temperatures are not the same, oceans are not the same anymore and our soil is also not the same.”

“When I look at Fiji, I see people with craft, talent and skill. We have abundant land and we have abundant resources so if you combine both we can make agriculture the backbone of this nation.”

With resilient farming techniques, pesticide free crops can be assured.

“Normal crops grown in soil require so much pesticide on a weekly basis so that you get the final product that is sell-able but at the end of the day you are consuming the pesticides as well.”

Sharma believes that agriculture may be the fastest way for the nation to recover after this global pandemic.

The 27 year old business owner is now hoping that youths in Fiji can draw inspirations,build their own business ventures and succeed.

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