The mobile fever clinic teams which compromises of RFMF and Ministry of Health (MOH) Medical personnel continued with house-to-house checks at the Valelevu Medical Areas to ensure that everyone within the boundaries is screened and is not showing any signs and symptoms of COVID-19.

In addition to this, Medical Officer-In-Charge of the Valelevu Medical Area Dr. Salome Daunivalu stated that the twenty-five teams deployed within the boundaries are also sending data back to the Ministry of Health highlighting a representation of population within their respective areas.

“The Valelevu Medial Area starts from the Fiji Dairy Ltd to the Kalabu bridge so as of yesterday we have covered at least 22,000 of the population (from the 58,000 total) and with the increasing number of support from the RFMF and Medical personnel, we should achieve more than that…so basically the teams on the ground are giving us the numbers of people well within those household, the ones who are still in self-quarantine and the ones who are sick and needs assistance.” Dr. Daunivalu said.

Dr. Daunivalu stated that data gathered from the teams in Valelevu will be tallied with other teams deployed in the Suva confined area to reach 150,000. The Incident Management Team this afternoon confirmed that as of yesterday (14th April 2020) afternoon a total of 121,000 Fijians have been screened in the Suva confined area.

The RFMF has been supporting the Government’s response to COVID-19 by assisting the MOH in planning, operations, logistics, contact tracing and quarantine enforcement.

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