Fiji Football Association has sealed a $40,000 sponsorship deal with Fiji’s longest serving Oil Company, Mobil Oil (Fiji) today.

Association president Rajesh Patel welcomed Mobil and thanked them for partnering with Fiji FA.

“It is an historic moment for Fiji Football, it is first time ever that a fuel company has come on board to sponsor football in this country and I thanked them for the support in the development of football in Fiji, “Patel said

Patel said the sponsorship will not only fill up fuel for Fiji FA fleet but would help to foster development of football in Fiji.

“Our development officers are in North, West and South and they move around in districts for grassroots and other development programs and this will help us a lot,” said Patel

Mobil’s Lead Country Manager, Mr. Adi Tamara, said the sponsorship would help to foster the continued development of soccer in Fiji at all levels – right from grass roots local leagues to national and international competitions.

 “Mobil is proud to be part of the FFA family and extend our commitment to growing community participation in this great sport in Fiji.

 “Both Mobil and the FFA are driven to succeed through passion, dedication and inspiration, and value the broad benefits that sport can bring to communities,” he said.

 “This sponsorship is well-timed to coincide with Fiji’s 50 years of independence and we can proudly say that we are the only international oil company in Fiji who has been around well before its independence,” said Mr. Tamara.

 “In fact we have been in Fiji for almost 115 years and remain committed to being a reliable supplier of quality fuels to the people of Fiji and now, the FFA.”

 Mobil Oil (Fiji) is a subsidiary of Exxon Mobil Corporation, one of the world’s largest petroleum & petrochemical companies.

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