The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources hosted a team bonding exercise for the senior management team on the 8th of August, 2020 at the Pearl Resort.

This event was organized to help the senior managers build better teams by way of greater understanding of talents, uniqueness, diversity and culture.

The team was able to understand team goals as opposed to personal goals and how teams could be more effective and successful when working together. Team bonding and building is an important aspect of effective leadership – it helps in effective communication and staff members can start to relate to each other better and have fun.

The Pearl Resort organized physical activities including fun games and team bonding exercises including quizzes. Other activities were available including table tennis, volleyball, kayaking and playing cram board.

Message from the Permanent Secretary, Dr. Raijeli Taga :

“The Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources would like to begin this new Financial Year with a renewed vision and mission.
We are indeed in unprecedented times and I would like the Ministry to work as a team to deliver services and achieve goals planned for the year.

To be able to ensure of teamwork, the ministry’s senior and management staff needed to know each other, work with each other, and understand each other eliminating blockages or barriers within.

The event on Saturday was a way of getting the team together in a very neutral environment/setting and it was very reassuring to see staff come out of their ‘shells’, communicating and working with each other.

This is a good start for us as we begin a new Financial Year to be invigorated with new energy to be able to energise others in the Ministry and cultivate the passion to successfully administer state leases and develop mineral resources.

The team would like to clear the image of the Ministry and we need each and every staff to know and understand where we would like to go so we can work together for the benefits of the land and resource owners of this country.”

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