The Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Honorable Rosy Akbar wishes the children of Fiji a Happy Children’s Day. Hon. Minister Akbar says, “Children’s Day provides an ideal opportunity for us to reflect on the progress we have made as a country in ensuring that the fundamental rights of our children are respected and protected.

The well-being of our children is of paramount importance and teachers, parents and guardians should ensure that the children are mentored in the right direction.” 

The Ministry wishes to reiterate that education helps guarantee your child’s success and parental engagement is necessary for children’s wellbeing and growth. 

Children today are confronted with various social issues which impacts their wellbeing and safety.  Domestic violence, child abuse, sexual harassment and drug abuse are some issues that continues to plague our communities.

Therefore, the need to strengthen parental engagement by inculcating strong values of discipline is far greater than ever before. 

The Ministry is focused on working with the parents and the community at large in ensuring children are well guided and protected. Hon.

Minister Akbar congratulates and commends every stakeholder who works tirelessly to educate, protect and promote the wellbeing of all our Fijian children.

On the other hand, we encourage children to be more responsible and more receptive to advice and guidance of their teachers, parents and elders. We want every child to remain focused during this challenging times on their education and their future goals.  

As a nation we must rise up to every challenge that acts as a barrier towards our children’s development and progress. In this day and age our children need all our love and understanding, patience and commitment.

Let’s celebrate this day with them.

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