The Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport had a formative meeting with the Fiji Bus Operators Association to ensure bus drivers and operators are fully compliant with the Fijian Government health measures.

Whilst the Ministry and its agencies lead the way in ensuring timely bus services nation-wide, the discussion directed attention towards drivers and operators undergoing swab tests and vaccination, to provide fellow Fijian’s confidence that our buses are a safe mode of transportation under #COVIDSafe measures.

As announced, public transportation within the different zones will be available but limited to 50% seating capacity. In this regard, the Ministry reiterated the need for bus operators and drivers to ensure the 50% capacity in all buses is adhered to.

Notably, PSV drivers under the Fiji Taxi Association and Minibus Association will follow similar paths to ensure their safety and that of the travelling public is upheld at all times. 🇫🇯

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