The Ministry of Sugar Industry, with the assistance of the sugar industry institutions, will implement seven capital programs valued at $50.9milion in the 2020-2021 financial year.  

The seven programs are aimed at further assisting farmers to advance cane production. The programs are:1.         Cane Access Road;2.         Sugarcane Development & Farmers’ Assistance;3.         Sugar Stabilisation Fund;4.         New Farmers Assistance Scheme;5.         Fertiliser Subsidy;6.         Weedicide Subsidy; and7.         Cane Cartage. 

The Ministry has also developed a manual which will guide the implementation, monitoring process and review of these programs.  

The manual provides all relevant information including program background, program objectives, targets, budget, and scope of work, standard operating procedures, monitoring responsibilities, and process of program evaluation.  

Permanent Secretary, Office of the Prime Minister and Sugar Industry Mr Yogesh Karan said; “The manual has been developed following a comprehensive discussion with the industry institutions for the purpose of enhancing effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation of the capital programs”.  

“The Ministry’s focus is narrowed on re-engineering the monitoring mechanism of processes and procedures to enhance better management practices, accountability and transparency and to ensure that the intended objectives of individual programs are achieved.  

“The Ministry, Sugarcane Growers Council, Sugar Research Institute of Fiji and the Fiji Sugar Corporation will carry out the required awareness of these programs with the institutions and the growers in the coming week.” 

The Permanent Secretary, at the same time, has requested all the officers including program managers, finance officers, implementing, and monitoring officers to familiarise themselves with each and every component of the manual to ensure timely and accurate information is relayed to the cane growers.  

“A Project Steering Committee consisting of the heads of industry institutions has also been established to provide strategic direction and oversee the implementation of the Ministry’s seven programs”. Mr. Karan thanked all the institutions for their contributions towards the “development of the manual” and wished them the very best in the implementation of the programs during this financial year.  

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