The Minister for Fisheries, Semi Koroilavesau led a team of Government officials to Nasesara Village in Moturiki to create awareness on the activities of the ministry.

Speaking to representatives of the 10 villages on the island, Koroilavesau explained about the various programs that is being conducted by the ministry as well as the bans in place.

β€œMy visit this morning is merely to update you on what is happening within the ministry and how we can work together to protect and sustain your marine resources,” said Mr Koroilavesau.

β€œI understand that fishermen on the island have been very proactive in their relations with the ministry and I am grateful that you continue to update yourselves on the regulations in place which will benefit your island for generations to come,” said Koroilavesau.

β€œPlease note that the bans we have put in place is to protect your resources and will enable your children to also enjoy the benefits that you are now enjoying as a means of livelihood.”

Mata-ni-Tikina for Moturiki, 54 year old Sakeasi Karavanua says that the 10 villages have benefitted from the bans in place and will ensure that they continue.

β€œWe have five Marine Protected Areas (MPA’s) around the island which we know will benefit us for years to come. We also have representatives from the island who are attending a training for fish wardens which is organised by the ministry,” explained Karavanua.

I am sure that through the training, our fish wardens will be better equipped to protect our MPA’s from poachers.”The Ministry of Fisheries will soon deploy Fishing Aggregate Devices (FAD’s) around the island and will provide fishermen with training for life skills on various fishing techniques.

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