The Ministry of Fisheries aims to strive for service excellence every day and to achieve this, divisions around the country are forging ahead with their work programs and activities with renewed energy and vigour.

We will be highlighting the work carried out within the ministry and most importantly, the people working behind the scenes to make it happen.

This week we introduce Ms Jacqueline Elsie Agnes Nalomaca who is a 29 year old Fisheries Assistant with the Compliance Unit of the Inshore Fisheries Management Division.

She joined the ministry in May, 2019 and is responsible for compliance work in the fisheries sector.

Her work includes delivering front-line compliance and Monitoring, Control and Surveillance services, including land based and sea patrols.

“My work also includes keeping and maintaining comprehensive records of all compliance work undertaken and ensure that central recording of required information is maintained and updated. Through our team work, we have to ensure effective and efficient Inshore Fisheries activities are carried out,” explained Ms Nalomaca.

“My role is important because I ensure that both fisheries legislations namely the Fisheries Act Cap 158 and Offshore Fisheries Management Act 2012 are implemented and awareness on these legislations are carried out. I am also responsible for ensuring that everyone is aware of why these legislations are in place because when one understands the reasons for these laws and regulations they are more willing to comply or adhere to them.”

She adds that when approaching vendors and businesses or the public in general, her most important rule is to be polite and respectful.

“Once I have greeted the individual or individuals, I will proceed to introduce myself. I let them know my name and that I am with the Inshore Fisheries Management Division of the Ministry of Fisheries. I also show them my ID card as proof of identification. I then proceed to let them know why I am there and what I will be doing. I explain to them the process if necessary (these are in cases of confiscations). When I am done I usually have to answer a few questions that they may have then I thank them for their time and leave.

She says that carrying out her tasks is quite challenging as she tries to help her clients understand the reasons behind the work carried out.

“I am grateful to be given this opportunity to work as a Compliance Officer as passion for my work has grown immensely,” she smiled.

Ms Nalomaca added that our fisheries resources are our way of life and our identity (totems) and we must act now to protect and manage them sustainably in order for our future generations to enjoy them.

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