The first National Fisheries Policy was completed in 2016 and has been the guiding policy document for the work of the Ministry of Fisheries under its Strategic and Operational Plan since then. This had to be reviewed after the finalization and the launching of the Ministry’s Strategic Development Plan 2019-2029 in November 2019.

The National Fisheries Policy drives the Ministry’s approach of establishing an underlying policy framework that sustains, manage and protect Fiji’s fisheries resource management and development and will help the Ministry to make progress in areas where Government sees opportunities for growth, and to play our part in strengthening the economy and providing benefits for all Fijians.

Please visit the ministry website, where you will find on the Homepage, the link to the National Fisheries Policy.

Written submissions must be addressed to the Acting Permanent Secretary Fisheries, Level 1, Takayawa Building, Toorak, Suva, and responses can be emailed to:

Call for submissions will be opened till July 31st

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