The Ministry of Fisheries values the concerns raised by all Fijians in regard to its mandatory role of ensuring the sustainable use of our marine resources.

Since 2017, after being established as a stand alone ministry, it has ventured into ensuring the sustainability of fsheries resources through many measures.

This includes a total ban on high value sea cucumber, seasonal ban on Groupers and Coral Trout and the establishment of a new Inshore Division to carry out data collection and enforcement.

While there has been substantial progress on these activities, work has also been running parallel to ensure that legislation and policy provisions are in order. Without these two important tools, Fisheries Officers are restricted in undertaking compliance and enforcement work.

Over the past week, especially this weekend, the Ministry of Fisheries has been asked to look into the concerns over the allegations of vendors selling undersized crustaceans namely lobsters and giant clams.

While valuing these concerns, the Ministry would like to inform the general public that apart from these two species, there is an ongoing review using science to determine new size limits for identified marine fish species.

The message that the Ministry would like all Fijians to know is that, there are mandatory processes involved in setting size limits. This involves the collation of scientific data, analysing the impacts of the new size limits, conducting general consultations, before drafting, finalising and endorsing limits that will be reflected in Fiji’s Fisheries Laws and Policies.

To achieve this important work, support is needed at all levels from our small family units, community, province and as a nation.

The Ministry thanks everyone for their patience and support over the years and hopes that we will continue to work together to sustain, manage and protect Fiji fisheries.

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