The Ministry for Education, Heritage and Arts is pleased with the Year 12 and Year 13 National Examination Provisional Results.

“Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic I am pleased that our students across the country did extremely well. Their determination and hard work is well reflected on their results,” Minister Akbar said. 

The Ministry has recorded a 79% pass rate for Year 13 and 74% pass rate for Year 12 2020 National Examination provisional results. 

There is a 1% decrease in Year 13 compared to the results of 2019 and a 1% increase in Year 12 results when compared to the 2019 results. 

The results are still provisional and is subject to change, however, the Ministry is satisfied with the achievements. Hon.

Minister Akbar, thanks all teachers, students and parents for their hard work which is evident through the results and looks forward to their continued support this school year. 

Students continuing their educational journey in schools and in tertiary institutes should continue to work towards achieving their academic goals and perform to the best of their ability. 

The Ministry wishes all students well in this academic year. 

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