The Ministry of Youth and Sports is committed to encouraging Fijian youth to take action against climate change in their communities.

This statement was made by line Minister Hon. Parveen Kumar while officiating at the mangrove planting program in Navuniivi, Ra.

Minister Bala who helped plant more than 600 mangrove seedlings along with youth in the village highlighted that the planting of the mangrove seedlings will mitigate against the impact of climate change.

“In the newly announced budget we have a program called Youth Coast Care program. This program promotes the revegetation of coastal areas to protect the receding shoreline, create a nursery for marine life, increase fish numbers and promote the sustainable use of our marine resources for our future generations.

“I commend the foresight of your village in mangrove reforestation and the active participation of youths in such initiatives.

“I am encouraged by the unity and cooperation of the village youth and this is one of the main objectives of my Ministry which is to promote youth to take the lead role in community activities.”

The Minister’s visit to Navuniivi was a follow-up visit following an earlier commitment to the villagers to assist in climate change activities such as mangrove planting.

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