The Minister of Housing and Community Development would like to confirm that residents of the Housing Assistance and Relief Trust (HART) who featured in the Fiji Times on Thursday 7 and Friday 8 May 2020, pay $5 a week or $20 a month for their rent and not $42 as stated.  

The Ministry would also like to reiterate that rent payment for all HART residents have been put on hold from 20 March of this year and will continue to be so, amid the COVID 19 pandemic and effects of Tropical Cyclone Harold.  

Furthermore, HART Chief Executive Paserio Furivai and his team have been working closely with the Water Authority of Fiji and Energy Fiji Limited on having special bill payment arrangements for its residents according to the COVID 19 Budget response.   

HART over the past weeks has distributed food rations donated by individuals and organisations.

Whilst HART prioritizes families of single mothers with little children, families of those with special needs and senior citizens, they continue to work with community leaders, in identifying those who are in need and work towards providing the much needed assistance.  

HART has been working collaboratively with other organisations and individuals on providing assistance towards its residence and the response has been encouraging. This has enabled them to reach out to residents who are most in need.   Residents of HART will also be assisted by the Veilomani Food Bank initiative.

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