The Hon. Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Rosy Akbar welcomes Years 12 and 13 students back to school after three months of school closure.

Around 21,700 students across the nation will be going back to school from yesterday

“I know that your first reaction will be to catch up with your friends whom you will be meeting after a hundred days but don’t forget the new ‘normal’,” said Minister Akbar.

“I encourage all students to abide by the rules we have set. While we work on returning formal education to a state of normalcy, we will be keeping all precautionary measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety.”

“Senior students – Remember that your juniors look up to you and emulate your behaviour. Your teachers are counting on you to set a good example for them as they COVID-proof your schools, and to set the right atmosphere for learning and teaching under the current circumstances,” Minister Akbar stated.

Children in places that were hit worst by Tropical Cyclone Harold, such as Kadavu and Southern Lau have to equip themselves for a greater battle, compared to those whose schools were not damaged by the cyclone.

As the Ministry makes the best possible effort to hasten repair and maintenance works in the worst affected areas, students are urged to adjust to their makeshift facilities and prioritise learning under all circumstances.

“These are not ideal circumstances but I believe in our students and their ability to be strong and adapt. Through hard work and determination, all things are possible and their positive attitude will serve them well, not just now, but in the future.”

Parents are also urged to ensure that their children follow the rules and guidelines set by schools in terms of COVID-proofing and to actively participate in their education as they resume normal schooling.

“I know the sacrifices Fijian parents make for the welfare and future of their children and how committed they are to their education. I ask that you work with us to ensure that the move back to normal schooling goes well by monitoring your child’s activities and making sure that they are keeping up with assigned school work.”

The Minister assures parents that adequate psycho- social support will be provided to the students upon their return to schools.

Students are encouraged to approach their School Heads and teachers for any issues faced so that a concerted effort can be made towards a smooth transition into term two.

Minister Akbar wishes the senior students a very prosperous term ahead, encourages them to tackle challenges headlong, and set their sights on the National Examinations in December.

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