Fiji is represented at the 12th edition of the annual Bali Democracy Forum in Bali, Indonesia by the Minister for Foreign Affairs, National Security and Defence, Inia Seruiratu.

Speaking at a panel discussion on “Developing Inclusive Policies, market, services and spaces,”  Minister Seruiratu highlighted the importance of the need to be inclusive in all aspects of development in society, which has guided many economic and social reforms that the government has spearheaded. It is no coincidence therefore that Fiji has experienced an unprecedented decade of economic growth and inclusivity. 

He further stated that,” We recognise that, to have truly inclusive markets, there are certain fundamental rights that need to be realised –– because to have a truly inclusive marketplace, we must ensure that all citizens, no matter how remote or rural they live, have the access they need to tap into our economic prosperity.  

In Fiji, a nation made up of hundreds of islands and thousands of tiny villages that are often far-removed from our major urban centres –– inclusivity means building roads, bridges, ports, jetties, and airports in areas that aren’t always economically feasible.” 

The Fijian government is working very hard he added in partnership with international, regional and domestic stakeholders, including our non-state actors to tap into areas such as technology in bridging the digital divide in order to bring about a sense of inclusivity to all citizens encompassing the society’s most vulnerable and marginalised.  

This year’s forum focused mainly on democracy and developmental agendas.  Whilst the main theme of this year’s forum was Democracy and Inclusivity, it allowed space for focused interactions and discussions on the sub-theme of Women, Inclusivity, and the State of Democracy. 

The Bali Democracy Forum ends today with 57 ministers and delegates from the Asia Pacific Region, 73 Observers from the Non-Asia Pacific region and 10 International Organisations in attendance.

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