Minister for Agriculture, Rural and Maritime Development and Waterways and Environment Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy reminded farmers from the Sigatoka Valley on the need to adhere to the plastic ban.

“The intention is to migrate people from plastics to bio-degradable bags,” Minister Reddy said in line with the Government’s move to eradicate plastic bags from the environment.

He said one of the problems that the Ministry of Waterways and Environment has been experiencing is the clogging of waterways with litter and rubbish and especially with plastics.

“I want to thank all parties, stakeholders and institutions, supermarkets and vendors and consumers who have shown full support and I wish to show our appreciation.”

“You must take pride in your environment and not throw rubbish in public places as we have seen a lot of rubbish thrown on the roadside, along the mangroves, beach and our waterways.”

Minister Reddy urged farmers to take responsibility for their actions and not to create an environment that is a liability to society.

“You must take responsibility because it’s becoming a health threat to the community.”


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