The Minister for Local Government Hon. Premila Kumar today released the latest fire incident statistics from the National Fire Authority for the months of September and October of this year. 

Minister Kumar stated that for the months of September and October alone, the National Fire Authority attended to a total of 33 structural fire incidents in the Central/Eastern, Western and Northern Divisions.

This means that nearly every second day in these two months, there was a structural fire. “From these fires, 162 families were impacted and the total estimated value of damages is $2.3million. This is indeed tragic.

Fires are largely avoidable and we need to be vigilant in our homes and workplaces. The highest cause of fire incidents recorded from January to October was electrical related with 35.4%.

We need to ensure our purchase and use of electrical appliances is safe and that all electrical work is undertaken by qualified tradespeople,” said Hon. Kumar. 

The Minister added that other causes of fire which were 23.6% related to arson or suspicious causes and 10% to unattended cooking. “In the months of September and October, apart from attending to structural fire incidents, the National Fire Authority also attended to a total of 280 small fires, rubbish and bush fires and vehicle fires. 

“However with the festive season just around the corner and Diwali celebrations just a few days away, I wish everyone a happy Diwali. I also urge everyone to take great care when handling fireworks and lighted candles.

Diwali is usually a time where we see an increase in fire incidents, but for this year we do not want anyone to have their celebrations ruined.

I therefore urge members of the community to be extra careful, parents please supervise your children when playing with fireworks and keep those diyas away from curtains and other flammable materials,” said the Minister. 

Structural Fires 2020

Month No of Fires Estimated Value of Damage NFA Operational cost (VIP) Number of family affected
September 21 $1,427,500.00 $19,459.49 101
October 12 $970,000.00 $15,947.51 61
Total 33 $2,397,500.00 $35,407.00 162
YTD Total 106 $8,379,000.00 $100,525.99

Small Fires, Rubbish & Bush Fires, Vehicle Fires

Month No of Fires Estimated Value of Damage NFA Operational cost (VIP) Number of family affected
September 215   $51,127.00  
October 65   $25,202.01  
Total 280 $76,329.01

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