A total of 1,273 youths have benefitted from the Youth Farm Initiative Project. 

This was confirmed by the Minister for Youth and Sports Hon. Parveen Kumar while officiating at the Handover of Farming Assistance at Nawaka village in Nadi today. 

“These young people will put land to use and be able to earn income through the sale of the crops they grow,” Minister Kumar said. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has been providing grants since July this year to registered youth clubs to assist in the cultivation of land and growing of crops. 

“They will learn how to run a business and provide for their families as many young people in the West, especially in Nadi, made their living in tourism – the Industry hit hardest by COVID-19,”Minister Kumar said. 

Landowners have had a hand in this process too, as they have set aside land for these youths while the Government provides grants for equipment such as water tanks, fencing materials, vegetable seedlings and other necessities. 

“The purpose of this initiative, since its inception about four months ago, is to help the youths of Fiji whose jobs were badly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic,” he said. 

“We are providing those who are out-of-work or on reduced hours with a steady flow of assistance, but these Fijians also deserve the chance to work again and that is why we are here today.” 

The six youth clubs who benefitted from this assistance in Nadi comprised of Yavusa Nadi Youth Club, Bajinareba Youth Club, Yaboyabaonia Youth Club, Ilovaravara Youth Club, Israel Light Youth Club and Nacavacola Youth and Club.

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