“We must appreciate that in #Fiji, we as #Fijians have equal rights to practice any religion. This shows how united we are, and how tolerant we are to co-exist.”

This was the message shared by the Minister for Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport, Faiyaz Koya during the Prophet Muhammed’s birthday celebration held at the Kshatriya Hall in Tavua.

“We are truly blessed; with the freedom we enjoy today. Far too often, we take for granted our blessings. The opportunities we have, opportunities many are still deprived of.”

“We need to collectively send a message confirming the tolerance of all religions and that it should be a conduit to world peace and the compassion of all of humanity.”

The day was not only significant because of Prophet Mohammed’s birthday, but also because the Maúnatul Islam Association Fiji celebrated its 75th Anniversary. #FijianGovernment#TeamFiji#FijiNews

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