Minister for Housing and Community Development, Premila Kumar, yesterday, completed a week’s visit to the Western division to inspect housing developments and to speak with community members.

One thing that stood out during the visit is the need for more housing developments for Fijians living there and for a joint public-private initiative. Minister Kumar said there needs to be a change in the housing policy to improve the performance of service delivery.

Yesterday, the Minister and Ministry officials visited Ledrusasa informal settlement on the outskirts of Nadi town and met briefly with land developers.

The visit concluded with the Minister inspecting the Koroipita Model Town outside of Lautoka City and she met briefly with Peter Drysdale who has been very instrumental in developing the town over the last 35 years.

While meeting with Mr Drysdale, the Minister expressed her interest in some of the success stories behind the formation of the model town, which she believes could be a way forward for residents of the Public Rental Board.

Minister Kumar also did a handover of groceries to be distributed to the residents of Koroipita.

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