The Minister for Fisheries, Semi Koroilavesau has applauded the efforts of resorts and hotels around the country for their roles in assisting with conservation and sustainability programs of marine resources and our oceans.

During his visit to Tavarua Island Resort yesterday, Koroilavesau told management and staff that Tavarua has been walking the talk and he is grateful for their initiatives and programs.

“I know that through your programs, many hotels and resorts have continued with their conservation efforts while the others are keen on taking up similar projects and for that we are grateful,” said Koroilavesau.

“Through your vision and with the expertise of ministry staff, we have been able to set targets and achieve them and this is greatly commended,” he added.

Resort Managing Director, Rick Isbell said that Tavarua Island recognizes that the health of our oceans is critical to our shared future.

“We have been trying our utmost best to restock the reefs that surround the resort with giant clams as they play a huge role in the marine eco-system. Through concerted efforts, we managed to get different species of Giant Clams from the Makogai Research Centre and have successfully nurtured them in our nursery,” said Mr Isbell.

“They were successfully transferred into the ocean and we are now growing our second batch of giant clams.”

Isbell said they now have over 300 clams in their waters.
“All our guests on the island have come to learn, appreciate and value the work that we do as we engage them in our programs. It is a great learning experience for everyone as we try every day to protect the ocean and it’s resources,” added Mr Isbell.

Koroilavesau also visited the Giant Clam nursery and also witnessed firsthand the conservation work that is being carried out in the reef systems surrounding the island.

Tavarua Island Resort is located in the Mamanuca Island chain and is a 24 acre heart shaped island offering world class surfing conditions.

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