Actions speak louder than words when it comes to leadership.This was highlighted by the Minister for Youth and Sports, Parveen Kumar Bala at the Prefects’ Inductions at Baulevu High school yesterday saying that “Your actions determine you as a leader.”

“You may say all the right things, but one wrong act will undermine your standing as a leader – it takes many acts of service to become a leader, but it only takes one act of disservice to undo one’s good work and standing in their community.”

He also highlighted the importance of service before self, and said, “My role models in leadership are too many to name but one of their common features was their ability to put the interests of those they served before their own.”

The Baulevu School, which is made up of close to 300 students, also witnessed the presentation of annual awards which was initially planned for 2020 but postponed due to the outbreak of #COVID19.

The awardees were recognised across individual award categories such as Academic Awards, Sports Awards, Student Council Appreciation Awards and Excellence Achievement Awards.

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