While officiating at Prefects Induction Ceremony for Vatuwaqa Primary School on Friday, Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Hon. Rosy Akbar has urged teachers and parents to become the role models for children.

Minister Akbar appreciated the presence of the parents at the function and reminded them that neither teachers nor the Ministry can take  up the roles and responsibilities of parents because  parents have a very special place in the lives of their children.

“The Ministry and teachers will do all it’s best to provide quality education and keep children safe and away from drugs and abuses. I will not tolerate any teacher inflicting corporal punishment on any child,” said Hon. Akbar. “We need to uphold the trust bestowed on us by  parents.”

She congratulated the prefects and reminded them that now they have the added responsibilities which they need to perform with high dedication. Minister Akbar added, “I want to see you prefects become great leaders who can lead the nation in the near future”.

She gave her blessings and best wishes to the student leaders of Vatuwaqa Primary School and stressed that she wishes to see children happy in school.

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