The Suva Crime Free Wheelbarrow Association members lost 75 percent of their daily income because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the current pandemic, members will be lucky if they return home with at least 15 dollars compared to the 60 dollars they used to make pre-covid-19.

It is a trade that many have spent more than 8 to 10 years doing.

For most of those involved, it is their only source of income.

“We the wheelbarrow boys used to get a significant daily income. Approximately $60 per day but the arrival of COVID-19, we have been greatly challenged,” Lino Tereketi said.

For 40 year old Jone Toroki, a father of four children, the Suva Crime Free Wheelbarrow Service has given him the opportunity to sustain his family

The Association vice-president, Etuate Vuirogorogo, said that prior to the implementation of the curfew hours, these men slept on the streets of Suva to get that much needed cash for their families as demand for their service is usually high in the morning.

“Before the curfew, we usually sleep here in this market where we are conversing now. They just line up the wheelbarrows along the walls here and we lie down, waiting for the morning to come as trade is busy in the morning” Vuirogorogo said.

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