Measles Vaccination continues in the Serua and Namosi area.

This was confirmed by Minister for Health and Medical Service-Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete today.

He says they have received more than 95 percent of vaccination coverage in this area where there was an initial outbreak in the Wainadoi area.

So far there have been 5 confirmed Measles cases in the Serua and Namosi area.

Waqainabete says their  Teams are on the ground working 24/7 and running operations from the Navua Hospital. He has also reiterated to members of the public who are planning to travel outside of Fiji to get vaccinated.

Waqainabete has sent out his condolences to the Samoan Government as they deal with their own Measles Outbreak that has claimed seven lives so far.

He added they are grateful that despite the confirmed cases no one has died from Measles in the country.

The measles outbreak is still confined to the Serua and Namosi Subdivision, and specifically the Wailali Settlement in Wainadoi.

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