Final preparations for the burial of former Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase are almost complete as close family members left Suva this morning.

Qarase who passed away in Suva last week was flown to his village Mavana in Vanuabalavu earlier today.

Vanuabalavu is mourning the passing of a role model, Laisenia Qarase.

In his home ‘Naivaka’ women dressed in black have been seated, carrying out the tradition of mourning waiting for his casket to arrive from Suva.

People in Mavana village are reminiscing the memories of the former Prime Minister.

Always obliging, Qarase never turned away from an opportunity to help as he will be missed by the people of Vanuabalavu.

Government’s contribution rendered towards the late and former Prime Minister acknowledged by the family.

The late Qarase will be laid to rest in Mavana village on Vanuabalauvu. ​

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