Close to two hundred plants believed to be marijuana were uprooted from a farm in Vunaniu, Serua earlier this week. 

In custody is a 40year old farmer for his alleged involvement in the cultivation of the illicit substances. In a separate incident a famer in his 30s was arrested following the discovery of plants believed to be marijuana in Semo Village, Nadroga. 

Meanwhile another successful raid was conducted at the Nabouono Settelement in the Wainibuka area which led to the discovery of plants believed to be marijuana.

The owner of the alleged farm is yet to be arrested. Raids and seizures continue on the island of Kadavu with more than 500 plants discovered through aerial surveillance.

The raids were conducted in Muanisolo and Naikorokoro.

The operations team also intercepted a possible trade whereby the suspect allegedly threw a bag containing more than 300 sachets of dried leaves wrapped in aluminium foil and parcel of dried leaves believed to be marijuana in Vunisea.  

Chief Operations Officer ACP Abdul Khan said the war on the cultivation of marijuana is not only focused in red zone areas but information has also been forthcoming from members of the public about cultivation in other areas. 

ACP Khan said the sharing of information is encouraging because it shows that people are aware of the devastating consequences illicit drug trade will have on their communities and are taking active steps to help police eradicate the issue. 

He is also calling on members of the public to come forward with information as every seizure counts in the ongoing efforts towards eradicating the illicit drug trade. 

“Every seizure whether it be a few grams, sachets or one plant is considered an achievement because it is contributing to the overall efforts of eradicating the illicit trade”. 

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