A man accused of murder accused of murdering a security guard has been further remanded.

Fabiano Dakai, appeared before High Court Judge Justice Vincent Perera, this morning.

Dakai is accused of murdering a 34-year-old security guard of Waidradra, outside Navua, on February 4, 2018.

State lawyer Kimberely Semisi told court that they will rely on the admissions made by the accused in his caution interview statement and they will proceed with the charge of murder against him.

She told court that the State had received two reports from the St Giles Hospital regarding the condition of the accused in which the first report had indicated that Dakai was not fit to plea and suffered from schizophrenia and was not able to take part in court proceedings.

Semisi then told the court that the accused had allegedly told one of the witnesses that he had been returning from war after killing Goliath and that also told another witness that he had used an axe to kill the deceased.

Justice Perera told the defense they would need to get another medical opinion.

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