Fiji has very high rainfall levels all year round. Bearing that in mind there are certain precautions that drivers can take to ensure they are prepared for the wet weather these are:

Tyres – always ensure that your tyres are correctly inflated to the correct pressure, have adequate tread depth and there are no bald patches or sidewall damage. You should
fit a good quality tyre with an international safety marking. It may cost a little more but could save your life.

Steering – ensure that your steering linkages are all in good condition and your vehicle does not pull to either side

Brakes – always have your brakes checked at every service. Brake pads, discs, calipers and servos must be checked by a qualified motor dealer. Remember to check the operation
of your handbrake.

Lights – Regularly check the operation of your front and rear lights to ensure correct operation and visibility in all weathers. Drive only with your dipped headlights ON
in wet conditions. As soon as you have to switch your wipers on switch on your headlights too

Wipers – regularly check the condition and operation of your wipers (including the rear window wiper) and don’t forget to inspect the wiper arms and that the wiper blade
fully clears the water from the windscreen.

Distance – leave 1/3 more distance between you and the vehicle in front of you in wet weather. Your stopping distance will be increased because of the slippery road surface.

Potholes – drive carefully when encountering potholes do not make sudden movements to steer away from them and possibly collide with an oncoming or passing vehicle.

Shock Absorbers – have these checked regularly and if needs be and replace if they are leaking or have diminished damping effect.

By keeping to these simple rules you will enjoy safe driving.

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