The Land Transport Authority is concerned with the road accidents this week in Ba where a vehicle veered off the road resulting in loss of lives and a further incident near Sigatoka yesterday involving school children travelling on the bus.

Drivers must drive
safely at all times obeying the Road Safety Rules.

Road Safety is not
optional. This is a serious business where the lives of our Fijian citizens is
at stake.

The most recent incidents are currently being investigated by Fiji Police Force and the Authority is carrying out vehicle examinations of the vehicles involved.

The full rigours of the law will be applied by agencies investigating all incidents of dangeruous or wreckless driving.

Public Service Vehicle
(PSV) drivers have a higher responsibility to their passengers for public
safety. Any PSV driver who violates Road Safety will be severely dealt with,
which include issuance of traffic infringement notices,show cause leading to
possible revocation of PSV driver licence.

Driving safely is a
requirement at all times.

LTA also express its
profound sympathies to the families of Ba vehicle accident.

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