” The Research and Innovation Scheme for Enterprises or RISE is an important step that the Fijian Government is using to progress Fiji into a modern and knowledge-based economy.”

This was highlighted by the Minister for Industry, Trade and Tourism, Local Government, Housing and Community Development, Premila Kumar while officiating at the launch of the program in Suva today.

Kumar said the main idea is to encourage enterprises to innovate, think outside
the box and elevate their businesses.

as a tool for sustainable development can only be fuelled by R&D. A
mind-set of continuous improvement must be instilled in each of us to keep Fiji
moving forward. And that’s why R&D is so important.”

RISE, we are allocating $500,000 for enterprises who need that initial support
to undertake R&D in a new or improved product, process or services, which
will not only be beneficial to their business, but also the Fijian people.”

Kumar adds RISE is the beginning of a long-term partnership between the Fijian
Government, the private sector and academia.

in terms of governance, the RISE Selection Panel, driven by the private sector
and tertiary institutions in Fiji is responsible for overseeing this

maximise the potential of RISE and ensure its future sustainability, it is
equally important to have the contribution of the private sector and academic
institutions that play a key role in R&D, science and innovation.”

Kumar has encouraged local enterprises to consider venturing into R&D to
develop new or improved Fijian made products or services.

want to emphasise to all the businesses out there, this is an initiative for
you. So, take up this opportunity to create new or improved products, processes.”

new initiative will support R&D activities for all businesses organisations
locally, particularly in the following priority areas; Renewable energy, Green
Technology, ICT and Business Process Outsourcing and Telecommunications.

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