Live sporting activities are now free to resume in Fiji with some restrictions.

Most sporting facilities have remained closed since March in response to the coronavirus pandemic, although some non-contact sports were allowed to resume on a recreational level last month.

It’s been 65 days since the country confirmed their last new case of
Covid-19 and Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama announced yesterday that
organised sport can now restart provided formal indoor and outdoor
venues are restricted to 50 per cent capacity and physical distancing is

“Contact sports simply weren’t safe when community-based transmission posed a threat,” he said at a public press conference.

“With Fiji’s outbreak contained, we can safely reclaim our status as the beating heart of world rugby and welcome back football, boxing and all other contact sports as well. Fijians are a sporting people and I know how much it means to fans across Fiji to attend games and see our athletes in action.”

Mr Bainimarama said athletes and event organisers will still have to
adhere to strict guidelines and all spectators must download the
careFIJI App to assist with contact tracing.

“Our formal indoor and outdoor sporting venues can host sporting
events with spectators at 50 per cent capacity, so long as physical
distancing is maintained within the venue,” he said.

“For informal sports events at the community level, the 100-person limit applies.”

He also stressed that any athlete who is feeling unwell should stay home.

“Officials will be responsible for symptom screenings, and should not allow anyone who is sick to play.”


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