☑️ Air and rescue services
☑️Air traffic control services, civil aviation
☑️Telecommunication services
☑️ Food and sanitary manufacturing plants
☑️Electricity services
☑️Emergency services, fire services, health and hospital services
☑️Lighthouse services, meteorological services
☑️Mine pumping, ventilation and winding
☑️Sanitary services
☑️Supermarkets, banks and pharmacies
☑️Supply and distribution of fuel and gas, power
☑️Garbage collection
☑️Transport services
☑️Water and sewage services
☑️FNPF and FRCS, civil service.
☑️Private security services.
☑️Roading services.

If your business is not on this list, close it down.

As for civil servants, continue to go to work unless your Permanent Secretary has informed you to work from home.

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