The Commanding Officer (CO) of the Taskforce Daimani Fiji Batt 7 Lieutenant-Colonel Penioni Naliva conducted his first parade since taking over from Batt 6 at Camp Zouani in the Golan Heights on Monday 18th November 2019.

While addressing the parade he thanked every the officers and personnel for the hard work they had been doing since their arrival into the theatre including work that has been conducted in ensuring that the United Nations Dis-engagement Observers Force (UNFOF) mandate is maintained.

Lt-Col Naliva also highlighted the importance of respecting each other during the one year tour in the Golan Heights and that every soldier must follow one command.

The Task Force Daimani Fiji Batt 7 troops departed our shores on the 13th  October 2019 for a one year tour in the Golan Heights under the UNDOF mission.

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