While the Fijian Government has strongly implemented most of the protective measures to help control the spread of the virus all stakeholders need to collaborate and take responsibility in ensuring the same.

Minister for Education Rosy Akbar strongly pleads with all teachers to act as gatekeepers of their communities and help share information on the preventive actions children and members of the community can undertake at this point in time.

Akbar said teachers not limit their teachings to the classrooms, it is time for them to reach beyond the traditional boundaries and ensure that their homes, society and country is well aware of the implications of COVID-19 and as individuals what they can do to ensure they remain safe.

The Ministry has emailed an information package titled “COVID-19 Information for Communities – Protecting Yourself and Your Family” to individual teacher email addresses to bring about more awareness without compromising their health and safety.”

Teachers that have viber groups, social networking chat groups with the parents, are encouraged to use it to create awareness and help rigorously impart the message.

Minister Akbar has also reminded teachers of their civic duty.

The nation relies on you teachers to take the lead role in disseminating preventative information on COVID-19.

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