The innovative REACH mobile service delivery platform is inclusive and stands by Government’s commitment to improve public service delivery for all Fijians, and it is through this platform as well that it delivers information and related services based on the social, economic and legal rights enshrined in the Fijian 2013 Constitution. 

The comments were echoed by the Assistant Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Veena Bhatnagar while commissioning the three weeks Western Division REACH mission in Caulasi settlement, Rakiraki.  

Hon. Bhatnagar says the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation through the REACH programme is driven to engage closely with the community members, providing a One Stop Shop service delivery for all Fijians.  

“The service delivery includes stakeholders from the Government like Ministry of Health and Medical Service and the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Fiji Police Force and the Fijian Competition and Consumer Commission from the Civil Society Organizations and Medical Services Pacific, Empower Pacific and the Fiji Disable Peoples Federation from the Non-Governmental Organizations”. 

Hon. Bhatnagar said that the collaboration is very critical as it targets the most vulnerable community members, providing equal access to justice and the empowerment of information to bridge information gap. 

“All of the different aspects of service delivery cannot be functional without the support of the Government, Civil Society Organization and the Non-Governmental Organization and all of which align its work to the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) – Leaving No One Behind and Reaching the Furthest behind First,” 

“Providing equitable access to justice for the persons with disabilities, access to quality health care services, social protection and the empowerment of information for vulnerable groups especially older persons, women and the children are all embedded under the REACH platform to create a Stronger and Well Informed Community” she added. 

Hon. Bhatnagar also elaborated that REACH has revamped its platform to limit exposure and establish compulsory hygiene in the communities so that it is line with the strict protocols for COVID-19. 

“The team is small and the setup is planned around the REACH bus and execution is fully in line with the physical distancing guidelines dictating the actual set up on the ground” “All service providers will have their temperatures taken at the beginning and end of the day to ensure no one sick is participating on the missions; likewise, those receiving services will be screened with the handheld thermometer guns”

“The organization on the ground will include the REACH bus as base, multiple service tables with canopy tents properly spaced, multiple hand washing stations, and designated service delivery areas where beneficiaries will be required to use for service delivery”   

Advisory Councillor Colasi Settlement, 66 year old Ms. Nila Rao, said that there is a total population of 569 people residing in Colasi Settlement.  Ms. Rao thanked the Fijian Government and the REACH Team for visiting and bringing the services to the people in her area. Mrs Latika Wati, 40 years old, a bed ridden community member of Caulasi was visited by a mobile team comprising of the Medical Services Pacific and the Fiji Disable Peoples Federation (FDPF).

Mrs. Wati received medical checkup, measurements of mobile assistive devices and information of the services by FDPF. Mrs Wati also said that she cannot travel to the hospital frequently and she really  acknowledged Hon. Bhatnagar and the team for visiting her in her residence. 

Fiji Disabled Peoples Federation representative, Mr Peniasi Rawaidranu said that his team has capitalized their participation in REACH to promote awareness Rights of Persons with Disabilities and also registration of new members during the three weeks mission in the West. He said that the team has been with the REACH Team for the past few months and it has help them to reach to their members.  

REACH has managed to reach out to 6799 people [3289 Women, 2057 Men and 1453 Children] and delivered 24,843 services to [15,447 women and 9396 men) during the period of 12th May to the 25th of September this year.

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