Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Rosy Akbar has urged school heads and management at the Sangam Heads of School & Management Seminar to lead by example.

Officiating at the seminar in Lautoka, Minister Akbar highlighted the importance of good and sound leadership.

“As head of schools we need to take the lead role in everything we do. Ensure that you spend time with your teachers, spend time in the classroom and ensure that the wellbeing of every student and teacher is maintained.”

“Educating this generation of
people is a big challenge. We were not exposed to things that the modern-day
generation have. So, teachers need to be prepared to deal with issues such as
the emergence of social issues that our children bring.”

“This is not a blame game. It
has to be a shared responsibility.”

Minister Akbar called on head of
schools to ensure that moral values are taught in the classrooms and to take
time to spend with students.

“You need to know what is
happening in your classrooms. And you can also take some time out to teach a
few classes in your schools especially moral values.”

Minister Akbar also urged school
heads and management to ensure that all issues brought to their attention are

“Please ensure that all
issues are addressed and not swept under the carpet. It is important that you
report serious issues brought to your attention

The seminar will end today.

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