Lautoka Mill continued to crush above 30,000 tonnes of cane per week, recording 30,138 tonnes crushed for the past week.

This was 40% above target for the week.

A total of 23 hours of factory stops were recorded mainly due to problems in the front end and in the power house.

The same were rectified within the week.

Outside stops of 3 hours were directly associated with rain, which
brought relief after a long dry spell.

Total sugar produced improved to 2,845 tonnes.

Sugar content in cane of 10.13% remains 16% worse than budget.

The decline in cane quality continues to be impacted by dry
weather, high temperature, high extraneous matter coming in with mechanically harvested cane and the percent burnt cane rising to 76.5%.

Chemical usage to protect sugar quality has been at an all time high this season due to inferior cane quality.

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