The Pacific Rim Ocean-Climate Action Partnership (PROCAP) initiative has been developed as a means to advocate for action to reduce the impacts of climate change on the Pacific Ocean through commitments made by subnational actors and governments based around and within the Pacific Rim.

This initiative promotes Fiji’s existing commitments such as the commitment to achieving 100% management of EEZ’s and 30% marine protected area coverage by 2030, and commitments to decarbonize marine shipping by 2050.

Panel with Fijian AG Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Secretary Wade Crowfoot, Sec of Natural Resources, California Vice Minister Haydee Rodriguez Romero, Vice Minister of Water and Seas, Costa Rica Minister Miliciades Concepcion, Minister of Enviroment, Panama and Fabiola Munoz, Minister of Environment, Peru.

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