The Fiji Football Association has appointed an interim committee to re-establish Lami Football Association next year.

Fiji FA chief executive officer confirmed that a twelve member interim committee has been appointed to administer the affair of the association.

“We have a group of interested people who came forward to take over the association and we accepted their proposal but they will be on interim basis and will operate under the specific terms under Fiji Football Association, “said Yusuf.

He said the interim committee would be for a year.

“The annual general meeting will be called by Fiji FA. This will of course be done after Fiji FA Board is happy with the progress,”

Under the compliance Yusuf said the Lami Football Association need to have a minimum of six clubs with at least 16 licensed players.

“The interim committee will have to run its own Lami Local League games in Lami community and create opportunity for all Fijian youths both girls and boys from Tamavua-i-Wai Village up to Wainadoi to participate. “said Yusuf

“The interim community will need to work out ways to upgrade Johnny Singh Park to cater for youths and for Lami Football Local League and training, “said Yusuf.

“The interim committee will need to open a new bank account and operate as the old account will be ceased pending investigation and all money earned either fundraising, donations or Fiji FA grants need to be deposited and accounted for,”

The Chief Executive Officer added the association would need to have at least $5000 in their bank account to allow them to participate in the Vodafone Senior League 2021.

The association was de-registered this year after the previous management failed to comply with the statute and regulations of Fiji FA.

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