The Lalita Jeraj Foundation has once again shown its support to the Fijians by helping families that have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The foundation will be helping Korovuto College with their Diwali program by assisting 100 families with food hampers in the Korovuto area.

Those who have been identified as living below the poverty line and suffering with the added effects of coronavirus and will not be able to celebrate Diwali: they will be provided with food hampers.

About Lalita Jeraj Foundation:

An Australian based organization, Lalita Jeraj Foundation was initiated Mr. Liladhar Jeraj in 2006, a Fijian born individual who now resides in Australia. The trustees of the foundation are his son, Sanjiv and daughter-in-law Sujata, who are both Chartered Accountants. Since the inception of the family foundation, Mr. Jeraj has been actively supporting the Fijians by granting scholarships to underprivileged, but promising children.

The Foundation has helped a number of students to complete their degrees and gain employment. Here is a summary of the Foundation’s achievements from inception to date;

  • Initially, the Foundation financed for Year 13 students whereby school fees were paid for students whose families lived below the poverty line. Korovuto College was the first high school where 10 students were selected.
  • From 2008 onward, the focus of the Foundation shifted to supporting tertiary education based on financial constraints rather than exam results in Year 13. Students were identified and granted a scholarship. No conditions were attached to their scholarships. The first 3 students supported via this program were from Korovuto College.
  • In 2016, when the Fijian Government introduced the TELS and other schemes, no new scholarships were granted to those in need of finances to attend university level. A total of 22 students were financially supported at High School level and 42 at the University level by the foundation throughout this period.
  • Recently, the foundation has been involved in community based projects and committed to pay for lunches for about 130 students at Vivekananda College, Nadi for 72 days and for 30 students at St. Thomas School, Lautoka for 2 weeks.

A total of 34 students who were granted scholarships under the Lalita Jeraj Foundation, have graduated in Accounting field and are all presently employed and able to take their families out of the poverty line.

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