Participants at the World Shrimp Trade Conference and Exposition were reminded of the important work that lies ahead during the closing remarks by the  Minister for Fisheries, Semi Koroilavesau.

“I cannot emphasise strongly enough what a decisive moment this is for aquaculture, not just for shrimps but other viable products as well. A strong declaration, with our strong commitment, could transform the lives of billions of people, in realizing what we have always advocated for and that is providing enough food for the sustenance of all,” said Koroilavesau.”

“I ask all of you to continue to collaborate with each other moving forward to ensure we capitalize on this moment.
Second, we must all commit to the work and keep pressing forward and as I said at the beginning of this conference that we cannot think of problems as limitations, but as opportunities for improvement, innovation and being able to adapt,” added Koroilavesau.

He went on to say that countries will face many challenges in implementing individual commitments but everyone can always keep ahead if working in collaboration is achieved.

“For small Pacific island countries like Fiji, the challenges are not new but we are eager to learn from the experiences shared in the last two days.”

Koroilavesau encouraged and reminded participants that if countries truly make progress towards the “sustainable shrimp production” and of course contribute to the 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, then everyone must commit to regular accountability – both for the private and the Public Sector.

The two days meeting also featured 20 exhibitors from around the world who showcased the work that they carry out in their respective organisations.

Participants will be visiting two aquaculture sites today to witness for themselves the standards that have been set by Thailand.

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