The Fijian wonder-boy
Roy Krishna is calling out to the fellow footballers of the country on the
importance of healthy diet as Fiji Football Association’s season is on a hold
with respect to the fighting of Covid-19 war.

As most of the
footballers are at home right now, Krishna says the players must not lose out
of their fitness level and be affected mentally. 

well is important during these times as we tend to forget about keeping a healthy
diet when stuck at home, drink
fresh juice and eat a balanced meal to strengthen your immune system too,” he said.

would recommend fellow footballers to stay active at home. Do exercises at home
and talk a walk/run when possible while maintaining a safe distance from
others. I find gardening also helps in keeping fit and healthy.

not forgetting our mental health. Having 
disruption to your regular routine and uncertainty can take toll on

regularly physical exercise would help clear your mind, talking to friends via
phone or video calls, keeping informed about the covid 19 situation and some
quiet meditation can help one go through this.

been on self quarantine for the past week now and I find playing online games and
interacting with my friends around the world helps me feel connected and keeps
my spirits high. I also spend the time reading as well as doing odd jobs around
the house which is quite satisfying.”

The lone Fijian
professional footballer said it is very
important to take heed of Government
authorities’ instructions and cooperate with them to ensure no more people are affected by covid 19.

“For a
small country like ours it will be very difficult for everyone if the number of
cases increases.

have to learn from the mistakes of other countries like Italy, Spain and USA
where citizens disobeyed the advisory from the authorities which led to the
fast spread of the disease which inadvertently puts added pressure on their
respective health care systems and lives were lost.

also need to take heed to the curfew that has just been put in place as well to
avoid unnecessary social gatherings which could potentially expose everyone.”

The Siberia
Labasa-native left behind his message to the members of the public in the fight
against Covid-19.

stay safe and look out for each other. Stay at home and only go out if you need
to. The whole world is going through difficult times right now so we need to
work together to fight Covid-19.

touch anything if you go outside your home, don’t touch anyone, don’t touch your face,
wash your hands,
sanitize and wear a mask if possible.

“I reiterate that people stay home and only go out if it’s absolutely necessary. If you are out on the street or in the public space please stay at least two metres away from the next person and avoid crowds.”


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