Farmers of Kavanagasau of Sigatoka’s East Bank have heaped praise on Government’s swift action in upgrading their farm access road. 

The access road which will benefit 32 vegetable farmers in the farming community was commissioned today by Minister for Agriculture Hon. Dr. Mahendra Reddy. 

While speaking on behalf of Kavanagasau farmers, Mr. Gopal Naidu acknowledged the intervention and assistance provided by the Ministry of Agriculture as farmers had difficulties in transporting their produce to the Sigatoka market during adverse weather conditions. 

“We are so happy that we’ve been given this opportunity by the Ministry, all of us here are glad to receive this new access road. “Farmers here had requested for this farm road to be upgraded because taking our produce to the market was hard because it was in a bad condition,” he said. 

“We’re developed now, and now we have to move,” said Mr. Naidu. Echoing similar sentiments was Mr. Jargar Nandan, saying it was a relief for farmers in the area as the previous access road was in a deplorable state. 

“We’d only be able to bring our bullocks to cart our produce before but now our small vehicles can come all the way into the farm and that is very easy for us,” said Mr. Nandan. 

The Ministry of Agriculture upgraded 1.7kilometres of the Kavanagasau farm access road at an estimated cost of approximately $6,000.00 per kilometre of access road.

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