A taskforce consisting of K9 personnel have apprehended the man who stoned and robbed several victims in Navesau on Monday.

The officers tracked down the suspect in Ba and he was taken into custody at the Nalawa Police Station where he is currently being questioned.

There are eight reports lodged at the Nalawa Police Station whereby the suspect allegedly stoned vehicles and robbed businessmen.

After allegedly committing the offences the suspect threw rocks at the team of officers and bystanders whereby a man was injured and K9 Bexel also sustained injuries.

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Abdul Khan has acknowledged the support of those who assisted Police.

“It was a dangerous situation that could have seriously injured or cost someone’s life and while there were claims that Police did not do enough, we did what we could in light of the threat confronting not only Police but other members of the public”.

“Unfortunately someone was injured and he was merely trying to assist and one of our K9 dogs was also injured and the team worked throughout the night to track the suspect down and take him into custody”.

ACP Khan says such actions will not be taken lightly and Police will deploy all necessary resources if needed to apprehended the individual responsible.

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