The Republic of Fiji Military Forces (RFMF) and members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) on-board the HMAS Adelaide underwent two days of training consisting of the preparation stage conducted on 25th of November 2019 and the execution stage of the exercise which ended today, 27th November 2019, with Nukulau Island approximately 8.4 kilometers from Suva as the objective.

The 2-day exercise included small boat, landing craft and rotary operation utilizing HMAS Adelaide as the launching platform. The exercise tested the inter-operability of the two nation’s militaries on Human Disaster Relief (HDR) and Amphibious capabilities on a scenario as Nukulau Island.

Speaking to RFMF Media, Lieutenant-Colonel (Lt-Col) Rob Spiller who is the Commander of Amphibious Operations on the HMAS Adelaide highlighted that the purpose of the exercise was to determine the collaboration training between the two forces.

“The intent of this amphibious training was to demonstrate partner training between the small boats platoon (ADF) the recon platoon of the Fiji Military also 1 and 2 platoon from Bravo Company of the Third Battalion Fiji Infantry Battalion (3FIR) who were part of the ground combat element who embarked on a landing craft and a vehicle to represent HDR support,” Lt-Col Spiller said.

“The recon platoon would have landed prior to this (HDR support) as way to make sure the beach was safe and the landing craft will approach the beach if it is safe and then handover the appropriate stores and equipment’s that the host-nation needs.” Lt-Col Spiller stated.

In addition to this, the rotary wing operations also took place where three helicopters inserted in the island bringing in another team of recon personnel from the 3FIR which basically shows another way of bringing personnel and necessary stores in.

Lieutenant (Lt) John Suguturaga of the RFMF who was the liaison officer for the amphibious training stated that the RFMF team were excited to be part of the exercise and acknowledged the ADF team for sharing their expertise during the two days of exercise.

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