Jacks of Fiji
and Vodafone Fiji have partnered together to offer exclusive promotional
benefits when you pay for purchases at Jacks of Fiji. The initiative is part of
Jack’s desire to promote cashless payments at all its stores. 

Cashless payment
through mobile phones is fast becoming the new and fashionable way to pay.
Whilst paying with cash is still predominant in Fiji, in most developed
markets, cash is fast losing its prominence as cashless and electronic payment
become the new norm. 

Jacks of Fiji Group
Marketing Manager, Mr Rupesh Kumar said “handling cash in the business has many
associated risks and cost to the business such as leakages, theft, insurance
costs etc. 

With the launch of M-PAiSA mobile payment option, we are offering additional benefits and incentives to our customers in an effort to drive cashless payment and change consumer behavior. 

The benefits of handling less cash is being passed onto customers in the form of electronic discount vouchers which they can redeem on their next purchase.  For every multiple of $50 shopping at Jacks outlets Fiji wide, customers will receive a $5 discount voucher. If customer were to do a shopping of $200, they will receive 4 x $5 = $20 discount voucher which they can redeem for subsequent purchases. 

Vodafone Fiji has also come onboard to partner in the promotion by offering 500MB free data to any customer who pay for their purchases using M-PAiSA at Jacks of Fiji stores. 

The customers also do not incur any additional fees and charges.  This means that the customers have more to gain when they make their payment using M-PAISA

 Cashless payment through M-PAiSA QR Pay is a more
hygiene, convenient and safer way to pay. 

payment through mobile is fast becoming the norm and we are delighted to offer
this payment option our customers”, said Mr Rupesh Kumar

Head of Vodafone eCommerce and Corporate Affairs. Shailendra Prasad said, “We are delighted to partner Jacks of Fiji in this cashless payment revolution and offer additional benefits to both our customers.  

A number of additional payment services through M-PAiSA is available to users at no cost to users such as water and electricity bill payments, purchasing airlines tickets, movie tickets and paying for grocery shopping at major supermarkets Fiji wide.

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