It is the Responsibility of every Parent to take their children to be Vaccinated.

This was strongly emphasized by the Minister of Health and Medical Services- Doctor Ifereimi Waqainabete.

The Ministry is emphasizing that current vaccination stocks are not unlimited and should be used for the most vulnerable groups who are most likely to catch and spread the disease.

He says the Government offers free vaccination for our children and if your child does not have vaccination and it is your responsibility to ensure that your child has the vaccination and what is becoming very clear if some children are not able to go to school during their day of vaccination its the responsibility of the parents to take them.

He says we cannot play the blame game now but we need to work hand in had to contain its spread as cases have been reported in other places in the Pacific.

However the Health Ministry is pleased to see the positive support from the public in their proactive efforts to contain the measles outbreak in Serua and Namosi area.


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