The Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) is disappointed with some irresponsible people who continue to throw rubbish into water and drainage systems, causing blockages which then affect the water supply to the entire community.

After plastic rubbish was found blocking pipes and causing issues for residents of Naisogoluvu in Delainavesi last week, WAF has again been forced to clean rubbish from their systems, this time in Labasa where rags were found stuck on one of our pumps triggering the lifting of this pump at Catchment 1.

A factory suspected of this discharge and blocking our pumps will be taken to task if found in breach.

Unwanted materials flushed into our system continue choking our pumps including fats, oils, and grease (FOGs) from restaurants.

“Our teams continue to respond to water disruption 24 hours a day and time and time again we find rubbish and FOGs causing blockages and disruptions,” said WAF CEO, Mr Barry Omundson.

“While we do our best to ensure that Fijians receive clean water and proper wastewater sanitation services – it is also your duty to ensure that you dispose of your waste in the right places.”

“Irresponsible people who throw rubbish in drains and waterways cause blockages which then negatively affect not only the environment but the entire community – contributing to low water pressure and water disruptions,” said Mr Omundson.

FOGs can completely clog the inside of the pipe, causing sewage to back up into your business or residence, or onto the streets.

Here are some helpful ways you can responsibly dispose of FOGs:

Scrape grease and food scraps from trays, plates, pots, pans, utensils, grills and cooking surfaces into a metal can or your kitchen trash.

If you have grease left in a pot or skillet after cooking, let it cool and then pour into a metal can. When the can is full, simply throw it in your kitchen trash.

Cool and strain out any particles of leftover food then use a small funnel to pour the oil back into the original container for reuse. Oil can be kept for up to 6 months and reused for up to 6 hours of fry time.

Soak up excess oil with newspaper and then place it in the trash.

WAF reminds all Fijians to save at least 2 days worth of water in case of an unexpected disruption or other emergencies, especially considering that the drought season is currently underway, and to conserve water and avoid wastage.

To report any issues call 5777 and for WAF updates and information follow their Facebook page at

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